Our journey will start by minting the 2500 collection of Madstar’s HBack Whales Club. Whale holders will be participants of the story mode called “The Whale Endeavor''. Benefits for being holders, among many, include WL spots in the next club and voting power in important decisions. Holders will also be eligible for airdropped collab mints!



OUR "SAVE THE WHALES" plan reveal

We want to make sure our project has an impact on society. For that reason we will be donating money to whale foundations on a monthly basis. Whales around the world are threatened, and these foundations aid in whale habitat preservation and protection. As we are scuba divers, a long term plan we have is to travel and record ourselves scuba diving with the whales we as a community help out. Anyone is free to join!

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WHALE endeavour

We have not done enough exploration and hence cannot say if Madstar is an ocean-only planet. Our very own whales will have to explore around and we'll be sure to follow along!

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Throughout their long journey, the whales will stop temporarily at specific points of interest (POI). Here we will hold community events based on airdropped collab NFTs, challenges, Web3 video games, and more!

These games reveal clues and are interconnected with the storyline, while their completion is necessary in order to advance. In the last POI there will be a final boss that the whales must beat in order to unlock the doors to the final destination. Be sure to always have your whale with you, though that might not be enough! Help from others will be needed!

This point is crucial and hence we have a detailed explanation in our discord FAQ! 


MADSTAR universe Expansion

The Rick whale has been developing the technology to communicate the Madstar universe with other universes within Stacks. Maybe our whales will be conducting interdimensional travel...

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We do not want to reveal too much explicit info on this, as we believe it is better to maintain the mysterious aspect of it. We have this club planned and thought-out. For that reason we’ve been teasing it with subtle clues. Keep checking this section of the roadmap as we will expand it with more info as time goes by!




Once we are settled in and have a strong, solid community, we plan on opening our online merchandise store. We want to offer a wide variety of items such as hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, and stickers. We can also expand it by adding whale toys and sea-themed jewelry. If the community wants, we will offer customizable options too. Our clothing will not have flashy colors or obnoxious cartoons. We want to come out with merchandise that people can wear in public. 

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We value the community’s feedback and input. We are going to the extent of creating a Madstar DAO and funding it ourselves through royalties. We look forward to what the whales do with this! 

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